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Remote Teaching and Learning Resources, August Edition

At my institution, on social media and within my learning communities, I’ve seen faculty and academic support staff work remarkably hard since the pandemic crisis started in March 2020, with some amazing results. I’ve compiled up some of the advice shared in numerous videos into this one page for convenience.

In Canada, it’s the Saturday night of the Summer, and the inevitable approach of the start of Fall courses after Labour Day. Folks in the UK have a bit longer, but the academic year is on everyone’s minds. Here I’ve collected a number of resources created that can assist you with your journey.

Adobe Education Leaders – Preparing Quality Distance Learning

A number of Adobe Education Leaders worked together to create this amazing resource on Adobe Spark to assist educators with their preparation for the start of the academic year.

Authored by Leona Guidace, Andrew McAllister, Keenan Sultanik, and Al Thomas.

Great Resources from Other Edtech people

Early Feedback on Remote Teaching

Continuity of Teaching and Learning at OCAD University

The folks in the Faculty Curriculum Development Centre put these fine resources together with contributions from myself and the academic community.

Tips for Course Introduction Videos

Top Tips for Course Introduction Videos

Perfect is the Enemy of Good – Making Videos for Students

Perfect is the Enemy of Good

Creating Presence with Synchronous and Asynchronous Remote Teaching

Advice for Remote Teaching and Learning

Of course, putting all of this in action is difficult. The silver lining to this situation is that many of are being pushed outside our comfort zones to learn something new, but balancing the right amount of change is the balance we must strike. I hope you find these resources useful. I’m always interested in feedback, so comment or hit me up on Twitter.

Footnote: The Summer In Canada

In Canada, we have a series of holidays that mark the Summer, and the inevitable countdown* to the start of the academic year.

  • Victoria Day – May 2-4 as hosers like to call it – is the Thursday night of the Summer.
  • Canada Day is the Friday night of the Summer.
  • August Civic Holiday is the Saturday night of the Summer.
  • Labour Day is the Sunday night of the Summer

*Learned this from my wife who credited Catharine Tunnacliffe for this idea.