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Desk Lunch: An alternative to doomscrolling

Desk Lunch is a snack-sized freeform lunchtime hangout for art, design and creative educators, edtech folks and just tech folks who are trying to break out of the lunch time doomscrolling routine.  

I frequently sit at my desk over lunch, looking for inspiration, to try something new.

I’m happy to report that I’ll be streaming live every week on Adobe’s Behance community, connecting with creative educators and folks who are seeking the same creative community Wednesdays at 12:30pm Eastern starting August 26, 2020.

It’s my intention to serve my current OCAD U audience of educators, but also to cast a wider net to engage with lovely folks who I have less opportunity to chat with. I barely know what I’m doing, and I hope to learning something along the way.

Delicious GIF animation of the opening sequence

Inspiration and Process

While I am an Adobe Education Leader, and I’ve passed my Adobe Certified Associate exams for Photoshop and Premiere Pro, I’m not an expert. I’m far from knowing how to do everything in Adobe’s ecosystem. My attention is divided and I don’t always get the time to practice. But I am a keen user and learner, and I’m willing to share. We are all learning – all the time – and I do so for the sake of being of service to others. I’ll be talking more about what inspires certain creative decision making – inspiration – and then how might go about to figure out how to do it.

It’s an experiment

Desk Lunch is a descent into the unknown unknown. As we idle away at our workstations, munching on lovingly wrapped sandwiches, the distraction machine at our fingertips idles away time otherwise spent sitting in parks speaking to our spouses, ambling through the city, smelling the roses so to speak. I spend hours of my life writing emails, proposals, social media posts, some of these are loving apologies, notes of understanding, gratitudes, and rallying cries to try something new. And when there is something new, I try to venture into the unknown unknown.

There will be mistakes, and they will be beautiful.