Soft Copy is no longer active and there is an archive of their releases here:

Formed in 2005, Soft Copy’s ethos is embedded in the punk rock DIY aesthetic, with their music informed by early post-punk and later avant-rock. The band consists of  guitarist Andrew McAllister and bassist Matt Webb, previously of NO HANDS who assumed duties in January 2011. Paul Boddum played drums from 2005 to 2013.

Previous bassists include Mark Pindera (BRAINIACS, CONNERY ARTISTS) and Wes Hodgson (previously of Newfoundland punk-rock act HUNG UP).  John McArdle plays drums on appears on Home Invasion.

Soft Copy - Games
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Similarly, the original artwork is by London-based artist Emer O’Brien, in a tradition of us working with other artists and designers such as Paul Boddum and Dan McCafferty (no, not the lead singer of Nazareth, the Toronto based designer) and Shelley Heebner McCafferty.