Love on the Street

In 2008, Kerry Potts and I worked on a short doc (11 mins) entitled Love on the Street, which premiered at the imagineNATIVE media arts + film festival. In this work, we interview people who are homeless about their perspectives on love. The video also interweaves the interviews with shots of Toronto to convey an intimacy that people on the streets develop with the city. The overall goal was to redirect the audience’s gaze to focus on each person as a partner, friend, parent or lover.

Browse on over to Eye Weekly for a great overview of the imagineNATIVE film + media arts festival, and read their wonderful praise for our short documentary:

Much better is the short doc Love on the Street (***, plays with Jackpot), which marries beautifully shot urban landscape sequences with unguarded interview subjects discussing homelessness and love.

Originally screened at the imagineNATIVE media arts + film festival, Thursday, October 15, 2009.