Music / Video

Fin de Siècle

FIN DE SIÈCLE presented as dual-screen video installation with audio soundtrack as a part of the VEHICLE project at University of Toronto Art Centre for Nuit Blanche 2008.

For suburban teens, cars enable vices and passions: they facilitate making out, meeting up with friends, and getting to the crucial rock & roll gig in the city. The car creates a private space for sharing secrets, taboo acts and dangerous music. Cars allow freedom, the promise of ‘getting there’, often in spite of the end result. “FIN DE SIÈCLE” is a document of youth, rock & roll, angst, poorly articulated dreams, missed opportunities, let downs, fleeting revelatory moments, expressed in the format of a dual-screen video loop and a limited edition soundtrack by rock band Soft Copy.

Fin de Siècle at the Music Gallery, June 3-10, 2011

Fin de Si“ecle was presented by the Music Gallery in collaboration with Scion during the Summer Courtyard Series on June 3-10, 2011