Metamerism: 28 Manifestations

Andrew on June 1, 2003. Tags: ,

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June 2003. DV. 66:30.

Metamerism is a video installation, CD-ROM and book. Each medium manifests a collection of video sequences, almost-still urban landscapes of present-day London and Dublin, totalling 45 sequences. Metamerism is a meditation on postmodernity, told in forty-five episodes or ‘manifestations’ as entitled in the work. The optical relationship of Metamerism to postmodernity incorporates Romantic poetic sensibilities, an open narrative and a specific performative practice. The strength of the images is their poetic quality, rather than didactic narrative elements. Metamerism leaves images open for consideration, without using text, editing or effects to explicitly define meaning. Metamerism is uniquely postmodern for its ability to incorporate contradictory notions; as an uncanny hybrid, Metamerism is open, transitory, ineffable, without location, full of sensation, aspiring to be comprehensive, but selective and subjective with overtones of false objectivity. The scenes of Metamerism share the interest of a botanist; part taxonomy, part science, part aesthetic appreciation yet a subjective and biased account, but not in any overt sense. Metamerism is an attempt to order to the world by shoring up images in a world of transformation, fluidity and entropy. Yet, the images are selectively sampled and specifically arranged for certain qualities; a version of the world that still remains open to interpretation, somehow mysterious.